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Organic Food is Better for Me, My Family and My World. Buy Organic!


Oakdale Organics was created in 2007 as the brainchild of Monica Stoica who wanted to start an honest, ethical business based on the "old ways" that existed before GE and before "mass production" of horticultural products.

Today we have organic nurseries around the North Island enabling us to grow to the local conditions while servicing customers all around the North Island of New Zealand.

Our plants are grown in their natural season from organic or untreated heritage seeds in organic media. We test our seedlings constantly to assess their growth in various conditions.

Our goal is to offer the healthiest vegetable, herb, medicinal and companion plant seedlings to the home gardener, as well as natural plant care, soil care and pest control.

Creating biodiversity will help small gardens find their own natural balance. 

At Oakdale Organics we do not use chemicals to control the bad bugs in our nursery – our philosophy is that companion planting is the most natural and effective type of long term pest control.

Herbs, flowers and vegetables are mixed together to attract bees, lacewings, parasitic wasps, hoverflies which keep the pest population under control.

Gardens are healthy when pests are kept at bay without the use of chemicals

Plants grown organically have higher vitamin, mineral and nutrient levels and taste better... just like granny’s old plum or apple tree.

Our plants are simply terrific because every plant is hand seeded, transplanted, tended to and grown prior to being handed across to our retailers.

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